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Visa Services

General Information

Non-Immigrant Visa Applicants

Please visit the following Information Page in order to schedule an appointment and obtain further details on the procedure for completing an application.

Welcome to Visa Services 

New Travel Requirements for Visa Waiver Travelers to the United States. 

Information regarding visas, travel to the United States and immigration procedures.

Website link to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, an official source of information about United States visa policy and procedures.

Link to the Bureau of Consular Affairs A-Z Index.


Due to the requirements of biometric processing, we cannot provide same-day visa issuance. Please plan to be without your passport for at least three working days after your interview to allow for visa issuance and return.

What types of visas are available?

The Immigrant Visa Unit no longer accepts I-130 petitions for U.S. citizens who are legally resident in the Republic of Ireland.  Please review information regarding filing an I-130 Petition from overseas.


Changes to VWP Travel

  • Please Note: If you hold a temporary or emergency passport and you plan on traveling to the United States visa free under the Visa Waiver Program you will require an e-passport.  What is an e-passport?