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Americans affected by disruptions due to Volcanic Ash

Americans affected by disruptions due to Volcanic Ash

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Intending passengers are still being advised to check their airline's website to establish the up-to-date position on flight schedules.
Americans affected by the closure of Irish airspace should monitor local media reports and relevant airport and airline websites for information. If you are at an Irish airport or hotel and need assistance, contact airline, airport, hotel, or police officials onsite.

Click to follow link to RTE News - Travel Updates

The number for emergency services in Ireland is 999. Call this number if you are in need of emergency medical assistance. If you need help refilling a U.S. prescription or with other ongoing medical issues exacerbated by the flight disruption, airport, airline, or hotel personnel should be able to contact a doctor or other medical professional on your behalf. The Embassy also maintains lists of doctors, medical specialists, and hospitals (independent medical facilities) on its website at:

If you need financial assistance, you should consider contacting family and friends either in the Ireland or the United States, to see if they can book a hotel for you or wire funds. For information on wiring funds, see the Embassy's website for money transfer services through Western Union:

For further updates from the Irish Aviation Authority, please click here. 


Airline Information

Aer Lingus   
Tel: 0818-365-0000  (within Ireland)
Tel: 1-516 622 4022  (within the U.S. information)
Tel: 1-800-474 7424  (within the U.S. reservations)

American Airlines  
Tel: (01) 602-0550  (within Ireland)
Tel: 1-800-433-7300  (within the U.S.)

British Midlands  
Tel: (01) 407-3036  (within Ireland)

Continental Airlines  
Tel: 1890-925-252  (within Ireland)
Tel: 800.523.3273  (within the U.S.)

Tel: 1850-882-031  (within Ireland)
Tel: 800-221-1212  (within the U.S.)
Tel: 404-765-5000   (within the U.S.)

Tel: (01) 844-5544  (within Ireland)

Tel: 0818-303-030  (within Ireland)

US Airways   
Tel: 1890-925-065  (within Ireland)
Tel: 800-428-4322   (within the U.S.)

For further information on the current volcanic ash disruptions, affecting Irish airspace, please refer to the following websites:

Irish Aviation Authority  Tel:  (01) 671-8655
RTE (Irish national television and radio broadcasting network) 

Live Flight Information

AA Roadwatch  Traffic news

Met Eireann   Weather conditions

RadarVirtual   Real time aircraft traffic coverage 

Information on Airline Passenger’s rights
Commission for Aviation Regulation  
Tel: 1890-787-787  (within Ireland)
Tel: 011-353-1-661-1700 (within the U.S.)

Information on Buses/Ferries

Bus Eireann      
Tel: (01) 836-6111
National bus service
Head Office     Tel: 830-2222

Please be advised these ferry services run from Ireland to the U.K. and France

• Stenaline
Dun Laoghaire    
Tel: 204-7777
Arrivals and Departures   Tel: 204-7799 
(Dun Laoghaire and Dublin Port)

• P&O Ferries    
Tel: 407-3434
Operate ferries from Dublin to Liverpool, UK
Operate ferries from Larne to Troon and Cairnryan, U.K.

• Fastnet ferrys   
Tel: 021 4378892
(Cork to Swansea, Wales)

• Norfolk Ferries    
Tel: (01) 819 2999
Dublin to Liverpool/Holyhed Tel: (01) 819-2955

• Irish Ferries   
Tel: 0818 300 400
Run ferries from Rosslare to Pembroke, UK and from Rosslare to Cherbourg, France.