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Welcome to the Passport & Citizenship Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Dublin.  For all services requiring an appointment, please visit our online appointment system to schedule.

Discontinuance of Additional Pages for U.S. Passports (Dec 31, 2015):

For cost and security reasons, the U.S. Department of State has begun phasing out the option of additional visa pages for U.S. passports. Beginning October 1, 2014, all Embassies/Consulates worldwide will issue only 52-page passport books for full-validity passports. The thinner 28-page book option is no longer available. Requests for additional visa pages will be accepted for existing passports only through December 31, 2015. Starting January 1, 2016, applicants who need extra pages will need to apply to renew their passports and be issued the standard 52-page book.

Passport Processing Times:

The current processing time for U.S. passports is approximately 4-6 weeks. We advise all applicants requiring a U.S. passport for routine, scheduled travel to apply early and with this processing timeframe in mind. We are not able to process or guarantee delivery of passports for less than the standard processing time unless you have urgent, immediate travel due to a family or medical emergency,  as determined and approved in person by a consular officer.

What passport service do you require?

Please Note: All the below services require a personal appearance at the U.S. Embassy by appointment

For any queries regarding the services listed above, please e-mail   


Failure to provide your Social Security Number may delay your application, please see the following for further information:

Notice regarding Renewals by Mail

  • If you are in Ireland and can renew by mail, you MUST send your documents to the U.S. Embassy.

Sample Photo

  • Sample Photo

    Please visit PHOTO REQUIREMENTS for further examples and detailed instructions regarding the photographs acceptable for passport processing.