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Doing Business in Ireland

Exporting to Ireland

President Obama announced the National Export Initiative (NEI) two years ago, with the goal of doubling exports by 2014. U.S. embassies are committed to supporting U.S. companies to start exporting or grow their exports to Ireland. In this section, you’ll find an quick description of Ireland as an export market and some suggestions for getting started.

The U.S. Commercial Service in Ireland assists American companies, especially small-to-medium-sized firms, in their efforts to increase exports and do business in Ireland. We offer customized assistance that is tailored to the needs of each company. We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Irish market, advice on Irish trade and tariff regulations, help U.S. companies identify and compete for Irish government procurement opportunities, assist with the resolution of trade and investment disputes, and counsel on general business practices. In addition, among our core services, we help U.S. companies identify potential Irish business partners, develop and organize business meetings for U.S. companies visiting Ireland, and recruit and organize trade events to Ireland and the United States.

Getting Started

Every year, the U.S. Commercial Service helps thousands of companies export goods and services worth billions of dollars. Let us help you find the best opportunities for your business in Ireland. Following is a list of our general assistance areas. Our trade professionals will work with you to identify and tailor the right mix of U.S. Commercial Service capabilities to achieve your exporting goals. Contact your U.S. Commercial Service trade professional in Ireland for details.

  1. Visit the page on Ireland to get an overview of economic conditions and opportunities. Check out the services that our staff can provide. Access the U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library containing more than 100,000 industry and country-specific market reports, authored by our specialists working in overseas posts.
  2. Contact Lists: Using a variety of sources, including in-country databases and local expertise, the U.S. Commercial Service in Ireland can provide a product-specific list of companies that could serve as potential business partners.
  3. Featured U.S. Exporters: The Commerical Service offers a list of qualified U.S. companies on their website, which target local importers and commercial buyers.
  4. Franchise Partner Service: The "Franchise Partner Service" is a customized partner development program designed to help U.S. franchisers identify potential franchisees or master licensees for the Irish market.
  5. Gold Key Matching Service: Let a Specialist at the U.S. Commercial Service in Ireland schedule targeted business meetings for you through our "Gold Key Matching Service," to meet with pre-screened contacts that have shown a confirmed interest in your products or services.
  6. International Partner Search: Let us help you generate a list of qualified agents, distributors, joint venture and other business partners.
  7. Video Gold Key Matching Service: The "Video Gold Key Matching Service" is similar to our Gold Key Matching Service, the only difference being that it uses video conferencing in the place of a traveling to Ireland.

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